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6 creative uses for brand patterns

Custom brand patterns can be an incredible way to accent and enhance your brand identity. They communicate personality, add depth and distinction, and strengthen overall brand recognition. Andddd they’re just plain fun! *chef’s kiss*

So how do you show off these amazing brand assets? Read on for a few of our favorite ways to incorporate them, plus a few helpful do’s and don’ts along the way to keep them from losing their luster.

Stationery liners

Originally designed to help protect invitations in the mail, envelope liners are such a fun way to introduce people to your brand’s personality, colors, and mood before they even read a word you’ve written. Use your patterns in conjunction with your solid brand colors to really “wow” your recipients.

Packaging details

In an era where people document and share every part of the “unboxing” process, brand patterns are a great way to make a statement with a tangible item that people get to pick up, open, and enjoy. You can use your brand patterns for tape, belly bands, box design, tissue paper, and more. Since patterns can be busier or multi-colored, it’s important to consider balance when thinking through the final vision of your different packaging components. For example, if you intend to use your pattern for a belly band around your box, it might be wise for the box itself to look simpler and more understated. If your box itself is patterned, perhaps pair it with solid colored tissue paper and a fun sticker.

Social media graphics

Social media graphics have quickly become one of the most common places to use brand patterns (and simultaneously, the place where they are most often used poorly!). Overusing your patterns on graphics can lead to designs that seem cluttered, distracting viewers from the main focus of the graphic — typically images or text. When used appropriately in this context, your brand patterns can actually become as recognizable to your followers as your logo! As you put together graphics, ask yourself if the finished product is both balanced and legible. As a rule of thumb, glance at your graphic and note what element your eyes are FIRST drawn to — it usually shouldn’t be the pattern!

A few examples from our client, Joy to Lead’s, brand design

Website banners

Websites are another one of our favorite places to incorporate brand patterns because they display a comprehensive look into your brand and set the tone for how people interact with you. How do you go about using your patterns here? We recommend doing it in combination with “white space.” What does this mean? Think about how higher-end boutiques seem more stylish and elevated simply by having fewer items on the rack at a time and spacing them out (as compared to your Forever 21s). Use your patterns on your website in the same way — in small doses, spaced out.

An example of pattern use on our own website!

Business cards

The classic business accessory — but made even better. Business cards are a bite-sized look at your brand and one of the easiest places to use your brand pattern. Whether you make one side of your card just your pattern or you pair your pattern with text, this is the place to both express your personality and catch people’s attention.

Business cards designed with a splash for our client, Succulent Bar

Office decor

There’s nothing quite like seeing your brand patterns come alive as wallpaper, upholstery, pillows, art prints, rugs, etc. We’ve even had a client take her pattern and turn it into a mural in her office! Spoonflower is a great resource for easily printing pattern-based fabrics and more.

Have a specific question about using brand patterns? We’re all ears!