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behind the design: kindly rebrand

Since December, I’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes to re-evaluate and re-design all things surrounding the kindly brand, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share the big reveal! The decision to rebrand was not one I took lightly – the work alone entailed a number of long nights, extensive brainstorming, and learning new skills (hello, Showit!) – but it’s one I am 100% thankful I pursued.

SO, today, I’m breaking down a little bit of my heart behind the brand design itself and how I envision it moving the business forward in the long-run!


Before diving into the actual design work, I did a lot of strategic thinking to evaluate my why, my difference, and my goals for rebranding. I do this for my clients all the time, but it had been quite a while since I spent the time to really look at my own business. Going into my strategic session, I already had a clear vision of who I wanted to serve, which ultimately led me to the following resolutions:

  1. I want to attract clients who desire to work with kindly for creative flair and artisan details.
  2. I want to grow my team and need a brand that would allow for inclusive expansion.
  3. I want my brand to showcase my stylistic preferences.
  4. I want my brand to feel feminine, bold, playful, artistic, and encouraging.

Knowing these things, I was able to clearly pick apart what did and didn’t make sense for this rebrand overall.

design inspiration

My biggest struggle with this design was (unsurprisingly) determining the visual aesthetic. I love SO many design styles – minimal, bold, colorful, neutral that it felt like an impossible task to narrow down a direction! But once I considered which client projects truly *spoke* to me, which colors and brands I’ve always been attracted to, and what my dream home and wardrobe would look like, the answer was right in front of me. Brands like Rifle Paper, Anthropologie, and Sezane, with their warm palettes and vibrant illustration components, have been consistent staples in my closet and home for as long as I can remember. These brands never fail to serve as a source of inspiration when I need it most, and I certainly looked to them when brainstorming this rebrand!

Kindly by Kelsea Rebrand Mood Board Inspired by Rifle Paper, Anthropologie, and Sezane.

logo design

Once I had the strategy and inspiration, it was time to design! I’ve always been drawn to retro-inspired typography, but I wanted to be careful with choosing a typeface. Avoiding anything too trendy, I opted for a bold, timeless, type that offered a clean look I could then accent with custom illustrations (my favorite!). The brand’s alternate logo marks allowed for a bit more playfulness, and I’ve already had so much fun using them on various client gift materials and throughout my website/social presence.

Kindly by Kelsea retro-inspired primary logo mark
Kindly by Kelsea colorful logo variations
Kindly by Kelsea retro notecard design
Kindly by Kelsea circular green submark

supporting elements + collateral design

I was SO excited to dream beyond just a logo with this brand – something I didn’t really take the honest time to do with my previous one. The icons, in particular, were my favorite pieces to create, and I loved incorporating them all throughout my website and client-facing materials to outline my process and bio. Their simple and color-blocked, but they have just enough personality to convey the energy behind my brand. After reviewing my print collateral needs, I determined that one strong, recognizable brand pattern would give my brand the biggest impact overall. I used this pattern on my stationery liners and throughout my site, but I’m hoping to incorporate it into some client packaging soon!

Kindly by Kelsea colorful floral pattern design

Cheers to such an exciting day! I hope you love the rebrand as much as I do!

kindly, kelsea