ready for a design process glow up?

an all-access, insider pass to our proven process for designers who want to serve their clients better and scale faster.

the kindly kit

The rumors aren’t true: your work doesn’t speak for itself louder than referrals do (and you want more of those!).

Design school didn't exactly teach you the client management part.

You *may* or *may not* be dropping the ball on delivering an easy, memorable client experience.

You have Elle Woods “What like it’s hard?” confidence in your work--but not in your overall presentation and delivery.

You’re LOSING clients (and money!) to your competition.

You’ve tried other courses, but the “how-to” doesn’t cut it if you never have time to implement, “do” and map out all the client process details.

the good news?

We did “details” for you!

you're in business for the design

but what about the details?

current members say

The Kit is perfect for the designer who doesn't have time to create templates. I love that there were actionable steps in every module with the templates that came along with it! It has already helped me streamline some of my processes, so I’m more organized and therefore get better testimonials from clients….which I know will lead to more clients!

amy, calluna collective

Time is my greatest resource - and I simply don't have enough! I was too busy with client work to really perfect my process and client experience, so I knew that The Kindly Kit would be worth it. And it TOTALLY is! I especially LOVE the detail of the presentation. It's phenomenal! I know the professionalism this course has brought to my business process already will help promote client referrals (aka more revenue!). 

katie, katie & co. design

I was confident Kindly had excellent client experiences, and I really wanted nail down a repeatable process in my own business! The content has been SO helpful and the Kindly Kit materials made me realize how vague my own templates really were. I TRULY believe this will help me cut down on revisions and serve the customer better. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend The Kindly Kit to another designer!

emily, emily close design

*le sigh*

An onboarding process softer, smoother, better than your favorite worn-in Lululemons.

Clients on the verge of happy tears when you present their oh-so-perfect branding.

What’s that? Another inquiry without even trying? Of course, thanks to the gift that literally keeps on giving: a referral program.

A full calendar of clients who respect your time, work, talent and are eager to pay you (and we see you raisin’ those rates!).

Leads that don’t bat an eye because your process clearly communicates the value of your experience and everyone *actually* believes it.

That new hairdo confidence ALL the time because you know you’re delivering more than good lookin’ design. 

The Kindly kit gives you your time back (and all our templates too). sound dreamy? We thought so!

isn't a seamless client experience a beautiful thing?

Your non-stop ticket to happy clients who can’t stop talking about you (plus the freedom to focus on design again).

enter: the kindly kit

Access to the proven framework that’s allowed us to serve more than 200 clients.

what's included?

the framework

an extensive video walkthrough of our client process from “book a call” to branded.

the process

13 easy and fully customizable templates that allow you to stay in your zone of genius without compromising your client experience.

the templates

so, you wanna know

here's the breakdown

the videos

Overdelivering on the design + experience: A show-and-tell of our entire client process

How to create a *chef’s kiss* color palette

Thinking visually + presenting your ideas to your client

How to handle feedback + manage revisions 

Asking for testimonials + referrals

Day Rates: Do or don’t? Get our input!

Our ride-or-die, tried-and-true website client process (Oui, c’est vrai!)

A look inside a REAL client discovery call

Our entire client onboarding system from top to bottom

Grab some popcorn for this front row ticket to the Kindly process for brand + web design. Inside TKK, you’ll get instant access to these video modules walking you through our entire client process from initial booking to beautifully branded.

the templates

Client Welcome Packet Template

Brand Discovery Questionnaire

Mood Board Template

Mood Board/Strategy Presentation Template

23-Page Brand Design Presentation Template

Brand Presentation Feedback Questionnaire

30+ Page Style Guide Template

Website Questionnaire Template

Wireframe Feedback Questionnaire

Designed with your booked-and-busy schedule in mind, we’ve made *ALL* our brand + web design templates fully customizable to your brand--- for good. As in, as long as the Kindly Kit shall live, you shall have access to our client prep + presentation template vault and any updates that come with it. 

(Templates are delivered in InDesign and/or Illustrator formats, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with those platforms before diving into your templates!)

Website Training Call Template

Client Launch Checklist Template

Testimonial Request Questionnaire

the scripts

Initial Inquiry (for when you're available and when you're not!)

Proposal Delivery + Follow-Up

Full Brand + Web Onboarding Sequences

One Month + One Week Out Emails Prior to Project Start

Presentation Delivery + Feedback

Website Feedback

Final File Delivery + Testimonial Requests

And more!

When we say “all-access,” we mean we wrote the BOOK on “all-access.” Inside your “not-a-course” dashboard, you’ll find 16+ email swipes for handling all the wordy parts of the process.

the bonuses

Our Brand + Web Project Workflow (our internal client experience timeline!)

Designer Resources PDF (a compilation of our most used assets/sites/programs/plugins)

Final File Delivery Instructional PDF

Website Launch/SEO Checklist

InDesign Template Tips + Tricks

And more!

Because we just couldn't stop with the goodies! We hope these additional freebie PDFs and checklists will help you pull together some of those final details for a client process that slaps!

TL;DR? I asked the hard questions, refined every last resource, listened to every client and did all the work so you don’t have to.

Over two years ago, I opened the doors to Kindly without a CLUE about what it looked like to own a design business. (Did I just say that out loud?) I dove into the deep end without knowing how to swim - sound familiar? 

While my first few clients were beyond gracious enough to weather the storm of a messy, unorganized process, I couldn’t believe how many missed deadlines and communication lapses occurred in these first few months. Let’s just say my Enneagram 1 heart (not to mention the fate of my business!) couldn’t take it much longer.

I knew something had to change or I wouldn’t be able to scale and serve my clients the way I really wanted to. So I sat down one week and DID. THE. WORK. I put myself into my client’s shoes and walked through every part of my process to ensure I was delivering the BEST experience possible. 

How did I want them to feel? What would they walk away with? How can I make this easier on everyone?

hey, i'm kelsea!

tkk creator, designer and proud mama of this business that runs on referrals, caffeine and lots of color

(Pantone Candy Pink is my current favorite)

Fast-forward a few years, and I can proudly say IT WORKS. Now, I run a six-figure design business that’s largely based on referral business from former clients. I’ve increased my prices year after year, and I’m no longer chasing down leads or cold-calling because I know I can rest easy in an experience that DELIVERS.

And the Kindly Kit is me delivering it to you! I fully believe you can turn your business around the same way, friend. You deserve to stop spinning your wheels and actually enjoy this business of yours without the stress of knowing when and how your next client is coming.

“Before The Kindly Kit, I didn’t have time to get my own processes and workflows in order. I love that the Kit delivered DONE FOR YOU, usable templates - it’s not like other workshops I have done that leave you having to go and create all the PDF's etc. it's all done!”

current members say

nadia, after8 designs

the kindly kit was made for

who are ready to start their business and want to brand themselves with a FAB client experience from the start.

ready for the nitty-gritty?

the kindly kit is *NOT* for...

“Blooming” designers who aren’t proficient in the Adobe suite, or are only using Canva. You gotta know InDesign for this Kit!

Non-designer service providers - it just wouldn’t be that helpful to you! *wink*

Designers looking for a “how-to” course on brand design basics or foundational design principles.



who are eager to improve their process and client experience so they can ultimately charge more.



who need a little help getting organized and building confidence.



take it from current members (STRAIGHT FROM OUR DM'S!)

the kindly kit


two payments of

(total $935.00)


yours immediately for one payment of

(yup, that's less than the price of ONE new client project!)

16 video walk-throughs of our efficient and organized client process (Value $495)
9 easy-to-use Brand Design Prep + Presentation Templates  (Value $697)
5 Web Design Prep + Presentation Templates (Value $597)
16 email scripts to take you from initial inquiry to client off-boarding (Value $257)
A step-by-step breakdown of our full project workflow (Value $197)
A roundup of our favorite designer resources and websites (Value $57)
.... and did we mention LIFETIME access to new updates?

16 video walk-throughs of our efficient and organized client process (Value $495)

9 easy-to-use Brand Design Prep + Presentation Templates (Value $697)

5 Web Design Prep + Presentation Templates (Value $597)

16 email scripts to take you from initial inquiry to client off-boarding (Value $257)

A step-by-step breakdown of our full project workflow (Value $197)

A roundup of our favorite designer resources and websites (Value $57)

.... and did we mention LIFETIME access to new updates?

need to break up the payment? no prob!

total value


current members say

“I LOVE that it’s not a course! Before The Kindly Kit, I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of courses and educational materials and wanted something different! I just graduated with a BFA in graphic design. I feel like I didn’t learn everything I truly need to know as far as design and client processes. This has been incredibly valuable to me as I start out in the “real world!”

abby, abby barinowski design

As creatives it’s often hard to use both sides of our brains to design beautiful work and build exceptional processes behind it.’s important to spend time designing the backend of your client experience too so your clients don’t leave frustrated or disappointed or feeling like something was missing. SO important that I've spent the last few years *perfecting* our client process into a well-oiled machine. A machine that currently brings in nearly 70% (!!) of our booked out business.

The Kindly Kit is intended to prevent you from making *all* the mistakes I made in the beginning. I created it for designers like you who have the design work down pay but need a hand in creating a seamless, enjoyable client process. 

You won’t find another all-inclusive resource like this. It's easy-peasy to implement and an immediate us!

subject: from one designer to another...

TKK has every single template a new or experienced designer could need to up-level their process, and it's ready-to-roll.

Hi friend,

kindly, kelsea

is this love?

and other q's about tkk

wait... so this isn't just a course?

Nope. TKK is a vault of done-for-you templates and resources to make your client process easier, smoother, faster and better. There are video walkthroughs for you to get a glimpse into our process, but nothing about TKK is “how-to” like a typical course. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

will the kindly kit be available forever?

As a member of the Kindly Kit, you’ll have forever access to the resources and video walkthroughs. But doors aren’t open forever! TKK only opens twice a year, and I don’t think you’ll want to wait until 2022 to make your process easier and your client experience better… 

do you provide training on how to use the templates?

Inside the downloads platform, I've created a basic video with some tips + tricks; however, a general knowledge of InDesign and Illustrator is ideal!

i’m interested, but i not sure i *really* need it. can i email you for some more information?

Absolutely! Please complete our contact form with your information and we’ll be in touch!

obsessed with this. how easy is it to use and customize?

You’ll get access to the video modules, templates, scripts and bonuses immediately through your course dashboard on Teachable. The time it takes to customize everything to your brand is really up to you and your level of savvy. 

are any of these templates available on canva?

Nope! All of them are created with InDesign or Illustrator, so you will need to be familiar with those tools.

can i just get the brand or web kit or do i have to buy the whole kit?

It's the whole Kit and caboodle or bust!

will you issue a refund if i don’t find the materials work for me?

Due to the digital nature of these products, NO refunds will be issued. If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please inquire and let us know! PLEASE read these terms first, too! ;)