we love a good biz resource.

and a discount!

Below, we've broken down some of our TOP biz resources - the ones we use on the reg. We know - it's kind of like Christmas. (Note: We may receive a little kick back as affiliates for some of these programs, but we wouldn't share any of these if we didn't truly love them.)

email marketing

legal contracts


Our holy grail of design-friendly email marketing! We use FloDesk to capture leads, announce special events, and deliver freebies. It's SO easy!

No one wants to be caught without a solid contract. The Legal Paige's contracts are my favorite for straight-forward, boundary-setting language.

We could not run our business without Honeybook! It's an all-in-one CRM where we manage invoices, contracts, questionnaires...everything! Trust us, this is A MUST!

affordable printing is our go-to for affordable, low hassle printing. We've tried *several* low budget printers and know they always deliver quality products!

website copy

Our NUMBER ONE rec for clients who choose to do their own web copy. The Promptlate Shop offers guided prompts to make writing your web copy easy and (dare we say) fun!


A necessary evil, but Gusto makes it incredibly simple and organized! Plus, their backend is about as visually pleasing as a payroll system can get! ;)


amazon products


We use Teachable for all of our Kindly design courses and love it's user-friendly nature, affordability, and clean, aesthetic driven layout.

Our BEST products for business, designer education, home office needs, and more. We've done the hard search and filter job for you (wink).

Our favorite drag-and-drop website building platform! Both our own website and most of our clients' websites are all built in Showit.