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why I decided to rebrand my design studio

I am SO excited to share a little bit of the thought process and rationale behind the huge decision to rebrand Kindly by Kelsea. After months and months of consideration and facing the tough questions (Is it really necessary? Should we bother with moving website platforms? Do I have the time to devote to this project? What about the business name?), I can confidently say it was worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get here. I know many of you have been faced with this decision – asking yourself if it’s time for you to take the same (scary!) step and pursue a rebrand. While there’s no set answer and I firmly believe every business and situation is different, I thought it might be helpful to share a little of the why behind my intention to move forward!

1. My former brand no longer represented my design style and wasn’t attracting my dream clients.

If I had to boil it down, this was probably THE biggest reason for my rebrand. In the last few years, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and analyzing WHAT, exactly, I want to be known for in the design world, and I landed on a few things.

1) I want to be known for the strategic use of color + pattern.
2) I want to be known for refined, yet bold, logo designs with strong supporting brand elements.
3) I want to be known for my work with creative entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands.
4) I want to be known for unique typography and layout designs.

Unfortunately, each of these points felt like they stood in opposition to my former branding, which was much more whimsical, colorful, and youthful in appeal. It didn’t really showcase my taste and (truthfully!) it looked nothing like a business I would *personally* pursue to work alongside. If you find yourself in a position where your brand feels like a foreign object all together, that’s usually a sign something needs to change!

2. My former brand lacked cohesion, due to a lack of true brand guidelines.

Otherwise known as “oops! I broke my own rule”! While I cringe to admit this, it’s completely true – aside from a few color codes, I never established solid brand guidelines for my former brand, leaving me to hodgepodge things together until it felt like something completely different from where it started. Let’s just say I learned my lesson! All current clients can attest to just how passionate I am about creating consistent brand guidelines to avoid this pitfall and keep your brand thriving from day one! If you find yourself reading this and wondering what brand guidelines are in the first place, it might be time to evaluate the inconsistencies in your brand’s overall appearance.

3. My former brand felt inauthentic to me as a person

I nodded to this sentiment in #1, but I never felt a deep connection to my previous brand design. Truthfully, I created it on a whim a few years ago to keep up with my ever-growing business and client roster and never looked back. While I’m thankful for the way it has served me to this point, I knew I wanted to design something that felt like HOME to me. Something that would actually inspire me on a daily basis. After all, we all deserve to be inspired by our branding, don’t you agree? For this reason, you’ll find subtle nods to some of my staple favorites, including all things French, Anthropologie, and Rifle Paper to name a few!

3. My former logo, in particular, did not set my business up for future growth.

This one, while a seemingly small detail, played a huge role in my decision to rebrand everything. While my business will still legally be “Kindly by Kelsea” for the foreseeable future, I felt restricted when it came to growing my team and wanted my logo to reflect something a little different. Having brought on two team members in the last six months (!), I deeply wanted to give them as much ownership and investment in this design agency as I personally have. That proved to be a tad difficult when my name was the one front and center! Instead, I opted to shorten Kindly by Kelsea to simply “Kindly,” which has been at the heart and soul of my brand all along.

And there you have it, folks! The top four reasons why I decided to rebrand Kindly by Kelsea. If you have any questions or are considering a rebrand yourself, we’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at kelsea@kindlybykelsea.com.

Kindly, Kelsea