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helps new and experienced designers serve their clients better with an all-access look at our proven, referral-backed process.

the kindly kit

You’re losing clients (and potential revenue!) to competitors but you don't know why.

does this sound familiar?

You’re unable to communicate the value and difference of your client process.

You’re new to the industry and unsure of where to start (uhh, design school doesn’t teach you this!).

You’re scrambling to get *actual* work done and don’t have the time to create these templates yourself (no shame!).

You're missing out on referral business more often than you want to admit.

You've tried courses, but they just aren’t cutting it - you need the work done FOR you.

the good news?

we gotchuuu friend.

“Kelsea's presentation blew me away! She really knows her stuff and walks you through each little detail of the brand from the colors and reasons behind them, to the curves in the font and logos, to the look of the branded materials. The style guide is SOOOO nice! We give it to everyone we work with! Her experience is a 15/10! I'm obsessed, to say the least.”

take it from our clients

paige griffith, the legal paige

“Kelsea’s process was seriously amazing! I have never worked with anyone who was literally able to tap into my mind and make what I envisioned come to life.
I loved seeing her thought process with the design presentations and the way she tied it all together! Kelsea will forever and ever and ever be my go to designer for everything!” 

take it from our clients

ashley herrinton, the herrintons

it's time to do things differently.

imagine if you could...

Book business without even trying, thanks to the referrals of satisfied clients. 

Communicate the value of your experience and *actually* believe it.

Save time and stop spinning your wheels with cookie-cutter templates.

FINALLY raise your prices (can I get a Hallelujah?).

Feel confident in delivering more value than just good lookin' design work.

Work with clients who respect your time, work, and talent.

Your one-stop shop (non-course!) solution to finding a client process that actually works.

enter: the kindly kit

easy-to-follow, fully customizable design templates for putting your best foot forward.

Access to the proven framework that’s allowed us to serve more than 200 clients.

An extensive video walkthrough of our client process from start to finish.




the kindly kit includes

what you get

Client Welcome Magazine Template (IDD)

Mood Board + Color Palette Presentation Template (AIT, IDD)

19-page Brand Presentation Template (IDD)

30-page Style Guide Template (IDD)

Brand Discovery Questionnaire (IDD, PDF, DOC)

Presentation Feedback Questionnaire (IDD, PDF, DOC)

Testimonial Questionnaire (IDD, PDF, DOC)

Client Launch Checklist (IDD, PDF, DOC)

email scripts to carry you from initial Inquiry through Final File delivery (PDF, DOC)

BONUS: Designer Resource List (PDF)

all future updates, including website process overview, behind-the-scenes of our actual client work, and more.

your kindly kit purchase gets you lifetime access to any future updates or additions. buy now, keep benefitting later. 

oh, and did we mention

(psst there may or may not be a website section in the works...*winks*)

In May 2018, I opened the doors to Kindly without a CLUE about how to own a successful design business. It was kind of like diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim - sound familiar? While my first few clients were beyond gracious enough to weather the storm of a messy, unorganized process, I couldn’t believe how many missed deadlines and communication lapses occurred in these first few months. 

I knew something had to change or I wouldn’t be able to scale and serve the way I really wanted. So I sat down and DID. THE. WORK. I put myself into my client’s shoes and walked through every part of my process, step-by-step, to ensure I was delivering the BEST experience possible. I evaluated how I wanted them to feel, what I wanted them to leave with, and how I could make this easier on everyone involved. 

Fast-forward a few years, and I can proudly say IT WORKS. I now run a six-figure design business that’s largely based on referrals from former clients. I’ve increased my prices year after year, and I’m no longer chasing down leads or cold-calling because I know I can rest easy in an experience that DELIVERS. 

The best part? I’m ready and willing to share it ALL with you!

TLDR? I’ve spent the last several years refining these resources, listening to clients, and doing the work so you don’t have to.

about kelsea

current members are saying

current members are saying

Time is my greatest resource - and I simply don't have enough of it! I was too busy with client work to take time to perfect my process and client experience, so I knew that The Kindly Kit would be worth it. And it TOTALLY is! I especially LOVE the detail of the presentation. It's phenomenal! I know the professionalism this course has brought to my business process already will help promote client referrals (aka more revenue!). 

katie, katie & co. design

current members are saying

I was confident Kindly had excellent client experiences, and I really wanted nail down a repeatable process in my own business! The content has been SO helpful and the Kindly Kit materials made me realize how vague my own templates really were. I TRULY believe this will help me cut down on revisions and serve the customer better. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend The Kindly Kit to another designer!

emily, emily close design

current members are saying

The Kit is perfect for the designer who doesn't have time to create templates. I love that there were actionable steps in every module with the templates that came along with it! It has already helped me streamline some of my processes, so I’m more organized and therefore get better testimonials from clients….which I know will lead to more clients!

Amy, Calluna Collective

current members are saying

Being more confident in my process has already provided a return on my investment in The Kit! It is so helpful to see the Kindly process and make sure I’m not missing anything important. I loved that the work is already done for me and it’s proven system that I could just purchase!

ashley, sunshine & bo

current members are saying

I LOVE that it’s not a course! Before The Kindly Kit, I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of courses and educational materials and wanted something different! I just graduated with a BFA in graphic design, but I feel like I didn’t learn everything I truly need to know as far as design and client processes. This has been incredibly valuable to me as I start out in the “real world!” 

Abby, Abby Barinowski Design

current members are saying

the kindly kit was made for

New designers who are ready to launch their businesses but want to start off on the RIGHT foot.

Experienced designers who are eager to improve their overall experience and charge more.

“In-between” designers who need a little help getting organized and building confidence.

be the first to know when it reopens!

We're relaunching The Kindly Kit THIS FALL, and we want you to be the FIRST to know! The Kindly Kit is continually evolving, and this Fall it's going to be BETTER than ever. 

happy clients are the ones that tell their friends.

frequently asked questions

Due to the digital nature of these products, NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES will be issued. Please be sure to review our digital product agreement prior to purchasing. If you have any other questions surrounding your purchase, inquire and let us know! 

Will you issue a refund if I don’t find the materials work for me?

Inside the platform, I've created a basic video with some tips + tricks; however, a general knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator is ideal!

Do you provide training on the templates?

The doors to our founding membership will close on Friday. June 11th! We'll be adding new resources and will reopen in the fall. OH, and did we mention that once you purchase, you will have lifetime access? Yep!

IS this a limited release or will it remain open?

We operate on the Teachable platform to ensure you have a seamless experience! All files and videos can be found under your Teachable login after purchasing. 

How are the files delivered?

Absolutely! Please complete our general contact form with your questions we’ll be in touch!

I’m interested, but I not sure I *really* need it. Can I email you for more information?

NO! It was super important to us that we made The Kindly Kit something you could implement right away. With that said, we only recommend purchasing if you are comfortable taking these templates and running with them in your own way!

is the kindly kit a course?

For now, we're only offering the whole Kit together as a package. We believe our process is most effective when applied as a whole. In the future, however, we may offer individual templates! 

Can I purchase a single template or do I have to buy the whole Kit? 

you read it here first: we're reopening the doors this october

with more resources than ever, and we want you to snag it while you can!